for the school

  • A well rounded school incorporating a variety of activities is very attractive to parents
  • There is government funding to include physical education into the curriculum
  • Physical exercise and discipline
  • Develops ability to learn, memory skills and creative development
  • Achievable progression in the chosen dance form
  • Valuable skills are learnt to develop both hemispheres of the brain and the essential links between them in a fun and supportive environment.

for the child/student

  • A fun activity that helps bond students together
  • Movement is one of a child’s first means of expression, communication and learning about the world around them
  • Creative and challenging
  • Active exercise encourages a healthy lifestyle and improves posture and co-ordination
  • They are not compelled to learn to dance unlike maths or English
  • Working with other children they develop team working skills
  • Children learn to share, express themselves and use their imagination.


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